Blessed man and woman Dr. MM  and Pastor RM

Blessed Children- Charisa and Myles Chairo Munroe

Blessing to the BFMI, MMI, Body of Christ, the world and to me

They were agents of change, Dr. MM use to say God lives in the Bahamas

He got married to his wife as a virgin at age 25 – both of them were

He was the sixth child out of eleven children

He started reading the Holy Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John at age 13

He wrote his vision on paper at age 14

He was the most famous teenager of his Country because of the Bible he memorize at age 17

There are five questions you must ask yourself Dr. Myles Munroe use to say

Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of doing? Where am I going?

He use to say get your Bible and your Note book and let’s go to work

He had a unique style of teaching and preaching the word

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Blessed Dr. Myles Munroe was a man of many parts

He was a public speaker, pastor, educator, business consultant, Global Adviser and author

He wrote over 57 bestselling Books

Author of the Spirit of Leadership who was a great leader and mentor to many

I met him for the first time April 18, 2010 in COZA at ICC Abuja two days before his birthday

The second time on Saturday December 11, 2012 in COZA at Metro Plaza Abuja

The third time on Sunday December 12, 2012 in COZA at Thisday Dome Abuja

The 4th and 5th time is 9 & 10 June 2014 in HarvestHouse Christian Center Ibadan

He sang that prayer song I give myself away, so you (God) can use me

Indeed, God used him to affect lives positively and he left a great legacy

He said you and I should maximize our potentials and die empty

He use to say success is predictable because life is designed for your success

He use to say God is committed to your success than you are

That God will do what he said he will do for you for His name sake

Dr. Myles Munroe had a great sense of humour with a special laughter

This Global personality Dr. M. Munroe said some things about life and purpose

When the purpose of a thing is not know abuse is inevitable

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose

He said nothing is worst in life than being alive and not knowing why

He said life has no meaning without purpose

Dr. Myles and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe lived a life of purpose


Kolawole Olaoluwa Longe is an intelligent, creative, outspoken, friendly, multi-talented. analytical, gifted, good looking, encouraging, poetic, purpose driven , result oriented Public Speaker who is graced by God to bring out the best in people. A cheerful person with an expressive personality created to make significant and lasting difference in the world.

A graduate of Educational Management/English from University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. A Career Facilitator, Relationship Instructor, A Poet, Song Writer and Composer and A Master of Ceremonies.
He is from the State of Osun, born in Kano State and lives in Abuja. He is known for Creativity.



He got to the park, hoping he would be the last passenger just before the bus moves. Amidst shouts of different destinations by the popular ‘agberos’, he finally located the bus going his way. He likes to sit in front with the driver, but this time around, his space had been taken. Seated to his left was a plump woman with her two-year old son.
While waiting for the other passengers, an endless stream of able-bodied beggars invaded the little quietness he could afford in the old stuffy bus. They spoke different languages and recited what sounded like beggars’ sonnets which was irritating to his ears. He was tempted to advise them to go and look for jobs and it took a lot of willpower to ignore them. He couldn’t wait for the journey to begin and finally, the last passenger walked briskly into the bus.
The driver shut the doors and the passengers were left stranded in the heat while the driver and his cohorts argued about the sharing formula for the inflated transport fares they gathered from the passengers.
The road to redemption

The road to redemption

The passengers were already getting agitated and the bus felt like an oven, taking him back in time to the stuffy chemistry lecture theatre popular called ‘oven’ during his days as an undergraduate. At long last, it was time to move. He breathed a sigh of relief and was prepared to enjoy the journey only for the driver to join the queue at a gas station about five minutes drive from the park. The mother beside him decided to buy several pieces of boiled egg from a vendor at the station and that was when he knew he wouldn’t enjoy the journey as he hated the smell of boiled egg.

As they joined other travellers on the expressway, he started to enjoy the fresh air and thought maybe the journey could be endured after all, but the woman pleaded that the breeze was too much for her son and he had to shut the window almost completely.  As if that was not enough, she chose exactly that moment to bring out a loaf of bread from her bag to go with the eggs she bought.
Two hours into the journey, his clothes were stained with crumbs of bread and egg and the imprint of the child’s dirty and wet hands. The mother said ‘uncle e ma binu si omo yin o’ (meaning don’t be angry with me) and in an inappropriate  attempt to dust the crumbs off his laps, she made everything worse. He began to wonder when the boy became his child.
Finally, the driver announced that he was at the last bus stop for whoever wanted to drop at the camp. He felt like he had worn the lottery, for he was finally at his destination. And as he stared across the road at the Redemption camp, he thought the journey had been worthwhile after all

In the journey of life, secular or spiritual, the road might not be as sweet and smooth as expected. The beginning can be rough, the journey itself can be frustrating with distractions and inconveniences. But one thing is sure; at the end, there is a sigh of relief and the joy of arrival at the destination. Wishing you safe journey and glorious landing in life’s journey.


I am Oluwaseto Oguntuase. 
A Pharmacist by profession and a writer and lover of books at heart. I just love a good story. I am a bit reserved but easy to approach. I don’t have it all figured out, but who does anyway? My mantra is ‘what will be will be’ so I take life one step at a time. I love writing about real life experiences and hope to become an accomplished writer in the nearest future.



I keep asking myself why most people find it difficult to celebrate with others when they succeed. I hope you are also not one of them.

When others achieve something worthwhile, it is encouraging to celebrate them and show them sincere love. Let them know you want them to succeed and that their success really mean a lot to you. By doing this, you are building in them a great confidence that will surely keep them moving. This will not make them relax or look back because they know there is someone interested in their success.

When people fail or have misfortune,  I observed that many people identify with them but the reverse is the case when people succeed. One of the reason is unnecessary jealousy. Let me give you an example,  quite a number of us know what is happening in the Nigerian movie industry, i mean the rift between the two Nollywood queens, Omotola Jolade and Genevieve Nnaji. They’ve forgotten that the atmosphere is large enough to occupy thousands of birds without touching each other.
Celebrating Others!

Celebrating Others!

I have made it a rule to always celebrate people and identify with them when they succeed, even when their success surpass my own. It is one of the fastest way to bring out the best in them. Playwright Oscar Wilde once said, “anybody can sympathize with the suffering of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.”

Believing in people is a risk worth talking. Even if someone succeed where u have failed, show them love and celebrate them. When people relate with us with skepticism, it reduce our efficiency.

With my little experience, I found out that most people find it difficult to celebrate the success of other people who do what they do. If you don’t have friends who dole out compliments to you even at things you don’t feel you are doing well, friends who gives you hundreds of reason why you cannot give up your dreams, then you may need some new friends.

Let’s celebrate ourselves, while we are still alive.

Yomi Olabisi
Yomi Olabisi is a young musician, writer and speaker. Born on October 4 1991 in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. He has a deep sense of commitment and responsibility for his people. A graduate of Civil Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), he has written numerous articles over the years, giving the youths some hope and direction. He is one of the talented young writers of our time – passing priceless messages to the world.



To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow. – American poet, Maya Angelou.


I love photography. I love capturing beautiful moments. And the above picture is just one of those beautiful moments.

You see, I came from a family of five girls and a boy, a closely knit one. However, we all dread my father. Silence reigns supreme whenever he is at home. We do not talk anyhow when Daddy is around. Your words should be well calculated and spoken with grace. We fear, respect and adore my father.

Unfortunately, we relegate Mum to the background. We take her for granted and we are of the opinion that she is there to do everything; and by everything, I mean every single thing; but we do not dread Mother. With Mum, you can say whatever the hell you want to say. You can tell Mum about the stupid teachers you have and the grammatical errors they make. I will not forget to mention the fact that Mum is a TEACHER in CHURCH and in the Government Secondary School just across the street.

Back to when this picture was taken, my siblings had just arrived home for mid-term break and had this science assignment called “Electrolysis”. I’m the first child and I told them strictly not to bother me with it.
(Please I have no interest in SCIENCE but I LOVE TECHNOLOGY).

They had so many assignments and had no idea on how to begin. Mum had already spent the past few hours in helping them mold the fine art assignment.

Electrolysis in action!

Electrolysis in action!


It was Friday, Electrolysis had to be submitted and Mummy had said she was tired; but her twin babies were so frustrated. They had tried everything possible, called on all friends for help yet the electrolysis wasn’t electrolyzing (Whatever that means).

Anyway, my Mum decided to give it a try and alas! The diffusion and reaction and all the science-ish started happening. It was just like magic. It was at that moment I knew my mum was a HERO and the above picture was taken.

Meanwhile, my Dad kept saying repeatedly “Hope you people have done your assignments o. Pack your things and get ready to go to school on Saturday”; with no idea of the feat his darling wife had achieved in the afternoon.

I remember this incident when I had a “boil”* in my right eye. It was so big and embarrassing. So I called my Dad who immediately sent money for me to get antibiotics that sold for #3000. In my head, I am like “If I hear say I buy medicine for 3k”. I was already looking forward to buying the pill that costs #150.00. When Dad called that evening I told him I had bought it [The lie was necessary].

THE next morning, Mama called and said “Chichi, I know you’ve not bought that drug. I know you! You know you can’t deceive me”. I was so shocked that I burst into laughter. My mum joined me in laughing and with no hesitation; I went to buy the medication.

Being a mother is not an easy task. In fact, most times I have these random thoughts in my head, “being a mum is scary, can I cope? Guess I will have just one child to make things easier”.
A mother always knows her child. This is the point where I quote Rudyard Kipling – “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

I love my dad too. I could die for him. But Mum, this is for you.





I’m Onwukwe Chimdinma Adriel. A 400 level Law student of the Prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I love writing. You can see some of my works here: and subscribe to my channel; BBM Channel : C0016FD7F




I thought about all the musicians, carefully putting into account each of their stage performances I’ve either seen personally or watched on the TV. I thought about 2face in particular, that guy is just epic when it comes to live performances. Have you seen how he staggers like he’s high on expensive drugs? …or how he pulls the crowd along till the very end? You know that uniqueness in his voice, listening to him and at the same time, seeing him in person or that feeling you get when he jumps down the stage to poke the person right in front of you. Actually enough of 2face’s dreams, he wasn’t the only one I thought about calling for my divorce.

I thought about the Mavin crew. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Don Jazzy’s voice has some traces of codeine in it. Well, I sincerely don’t know the effect of that codeine, but his voice from the background or it’s combination with the Almighty Dbanj’s. Okay, I rest my case.

I thought about every other musician…the effect of the twins on stage. The effect of the wiz bro (yes, I called him a “bro” because… Well, he should actually be a bro). The effect of VEC, phyno, Chidinma, Omawunmi… But I just couldn’t get enough from my thoughts.

Then came the menu of the day. I thought about pounded yam, if you have ever eaten “pounded” yam, then you’ll understand me better. I thought about Amala (even though I’ve never tasted it); the thought of its flexibility overwhelmed me. I thought about jollof rice (those ones are just spectacular when made for parties). I thought about it’s fried equivalent, it’s coconut and it’s Chinese. I think I’ll just skip the white. I thought about the eforiro soup (it’s just most of them don’t taste as nice as they look these days), the edikang-ikong, the ogbono, the ofe nsala. I thought about everything; then about the cakes. I thought about chocolate cakes (of how very quickly they melt into the mouth and then you crave for more) I decided my cakes would be ordered from “cakesbykisses”, who wouldn’t want a cake image brought to life. I thought about every edible; small chops, fruits, coleslaw, drinks…etc. I thought about my divorce.

The scream for a divorce

The scream for a divorce

I didn’t remember my union; I couldn’t even explain it if I was asked to. I didn’t remember how I got involved in the first place, before the thought of a grand divorce came flying across. I didn’t remember the journey, and I sincerely didn’t want to. All I thought about was my grand divorce; the one that will once again free me from the unbearable union.

Yes, I envisaged a grand divorce; where even though the musicians refuse to turn up, my music library would give me the much needed joy. Talking about my music library, I thought about all the songs I had therein and figured it wouldn’t do the magic I really needed. I started to think again, to think about the divorce.

My divorce… So many to wine and dine on. There will be no invitation cards (I hate segregation); everyone will be invited. I have to give gossips the privilege to carry first hand news. The ones that have never wished you well. The ones that always prayed you never went into a divorce (trust me, they don’t wish you well). The ones that always hoped you never realised you were even in a union. I thought about giving them lots to talk about. I thought about the side attractions… I thought about lots of souvenirs…I thought about the happy faces… the sad ones. I thought about all that I hoped for… All that I prayed to get. I thought about a grand divorce, the kind that will keep lips sealed for long.

This was about my divorce with the most humiliating factor in my life. The one that made me feel useless for long. The one that never made me stop feeling inferior. The one that instilled fear in me… The fear of being me… The fear of moving on… The fear of holding on to the good things of life. I thought about my divorce with unhappiness; it cannot win all the time. I cannot be destined to be sad. The unhappy feeling I get just when I’m about to make it in life which shatters every main dream. I thought about my divorce with unhappiness yet again, and then I smiled because for the first time in a long while, I will be free again. Free from all forms of sadness in my life; from all forms of fear. From the shackles of failure, the standstill of destiny, the abandonment of acquaintances. Unhappiness will not win this time because I intend to move on, to be happy again… happy to enjoy life the way I used to; happy to move on without the fear of hate. I intend to be happy… Just this time, it will last forever.

Have you had a divorce with unhappiness yet? Now is the time, you should wait no longer. I wish you everlasting joy in your life, now and always!

…And for my thoughts. Well, they ended up becoming just thoughts. Though now, I am as happy as I can be.

**First published in Inspirationals segment on bilkissesblog.


Osomo Bilikis Omosalewa, also known as Bilkisses is a talented Nigerian writer, blogger and caterer. She is a well-focused, emotionally-
stable, and a hard working young lady whose penchant for excellence and youthful drive makes an asset wherever she finds herself. She started blogging in 2012 under the domain name “Bilkisses blog” and has not stopped thrilling her fans with her mostly fictional stories.

As a storage biology graduate of the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria; Bilkisses currently owns “cakesbykisses”, a bakery which constitutes a team of experienced caterers who bake cakes to life.





She lost her balance… It was  a masculine slap, of course she had to. The guy who was stern looking, short and chisel-muscled appeared so desperate with his eyes shining like a cat’s. He left her searching for her balance. Toke was furious, she hadn’t expected to be a hit by a guy…to talk of a stranger. She didn’t remember the last time she was slapped. He was beginning to sound like she had heard in the movies… “Do you know who I am?” “Who do you think you are?”… then she heard a distant cry for help.

“Look out, a guy just slapped a corps member”. She saw the mammoth crowd running towards them, and she rescinded her decision to hit him back. They pounced on him, anger emanating like heat from each of them. He was dragged by the hair as shouts of “How can you slap a corper?” “Who you be?” “Who born you?” “Who be your papa?” rented the air.

Toke was amongst the INEC ADHOC staff that were recruited to participate in the elections. She was among the few corps members selected because she had registered early enough for it. Though advised against registering, Toke insisted she wanted to participate because of her zeal to make her country a better place. She also insisted it wasn’t an everyday affair and figured being a corps member was her best bet. She mocked her friends, Chidi and Tega for not meeting up to the requirements and not getting selected.

Chidi and Tega were Toke’s closest friends. From the onset, Chidi had vowed he wasn’t participating as he learnt the previous election was violent. He advised Toke and Tega against participating, but they wouldn’t hear of it. They instead, influenced him into changing his mind and so he decided to join in the registration process. With the list out and only Toke’s name in sight, Chidi was a bit relieved, he sincerely wasn’t interested after all.
Tega had been indecisive right from the start. When Toke told him about it, he seemed really interested but when Chidi shared his point of view, he had lost interest. His indecisive nature made him finally accept to register when Toke brought it up over and over again…and also made them talk Chidi into registering too. However, he also wasn’t shortlisted.

* * * * * *

The corps members were outraged. They acted defensively, trying to fight for one of their own. It was an insult to their “uniform”, their personality, their body- the NYSC; having one of their own hit by an indigene…a coward in this case, a man who could hit a woman. They were not interested in the cause, the deed was done. Everyone of them; ladies inclusive, dealt with him and then gave him the warning of his life.

Apparently, the indigene was angry with Toke because as the presiding officer of her unit, she had prevented every form of irrelevant discussion that could mar the aim of the election. Toke, as a result of her upbringing was a very disciplined lady who would work only by following protocol. She thus double crossed the indigene in his covetous bid to help with election malpractice. Hence,  his attack on her personality the next time they met.

National Youth Service Corps

National Youth Service Corps

This is an avenue to pay homage to every corps member presently serving their fatherland. It is worthy of all causes to be patriotic in trying times, even when the team seems negligent. This is also an avenue to acknowledge every real MAN out there that would NEVER hit a lady, no matter the circumstance. It takes a real man to listen to a woman ranting and at most walk out on her. It is a privilege to have actually served in the year 2014/15- when the most intense and competitive election took place. It is a privilege to have contributed to the success of our development- the Nigerian development. It is a privilege to be a female – that every real man will fight for, and a Nigerian that would be proud of her country. It is a privilege to be able to tell my story to the world, without having to beg a particular TV or radio station before given an opportunity. It is an opportunity to be in this new age with every one of you. May the new government serve us as promised, and may Nigeria continue to become a better place to live in.

God bless all corps members,
God bless the NYSC,
God bless the INEC and
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

CORPERS WEE OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Osomo Bilikis Omosalewa, also known as Bilkisses is a talented Nigerian writer, blogger and caterer. She is a well-focused, emotionally-
stable, and a hard working young lady whose penchant for excellence and youthful drive makes an asset wherever she finds herself. She started blogging in 2012 under the domain name “Bilkisses blog” and has not stopped thrilling her fans with her mostly fictional stories.

As a storage biology graduate of the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria; Bilkisses currently owns “cakesbykisses”, a bakery which constitutes a team of experienced caterers who bake cakes to life.

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