SPEAK UP by Olaitan Taiwo

SPEAK UP by Olaitan Taiwo

Speaking is an art of expressing oneself. It goes a long way as knowing the right time to speak up is essential. There are few times in one’s life, when one has to speak up. I’m not to speak because I’m a bit reserved. So many times I wish I could speak up when I actually had a chance. However, there are times to keep shut and watch things pass by. It is though necessary to have your words heard if it is evident to make things right so you won’t regret your inactions in the future. Create positive change by making your voice heard.


  • When you know you are right
When you have an opinion, be confident enough to share. You might not need to stress it too much but when you can prevent something bad from occurring, don’t just sit back and keep quiet. Although your opinion might not change someone’s decision, but be sure to make your opinion known.
  • When you want to apologise
Saying ‘sorry’ could be hard. To some it makes them feel inferior or weak. In the real sense of it, apologising helps to save further destruction or mishaps. The one who apologise is strong and commands respect. No one likes to eat crow, yet all of us have to at some point. Apologising makes you a better person. Most times withholding the word could destroy a long-time relationship. Due to some differences we have as individuals, misunderstandings are bound to happen. It is important to make things right whenever it is necessary. Make an effort to make an apology when you need to.


  • When you are watching someone you love walk away
    Making amends to save the relationship is crucial. Many breakups in business and personal relationships or divorces might have been saved might have been saved if someone have spoken up. For the sake of pride, many have resolved to live in hurt for allowing someone to walk out of their life. It is easier to refuse to look back and get hurt for the sake of pride. But if the person means a lot to you, don’t allow them to walk away.


  • When you are under pressure
    Whatever you are not capable to do or cannot afford, should be refused. Never displease yourself to please someone else. If it is going to take you off the limit, speak up. Don’t pretend to be cool with situations that are eating you up on the inside. Submitting to such situations put you under pressure and makes you subjected to slavery. Remember you have a choice and whatever you decide to do should be as a result of inner conviction not because you are being pushed.


  • When someone is taking advantage of you
    Most people recognise your offer for help and tend to abuse it. It is important for you to know when your help is really appreciated and not being taken for granted. Moreover, let not your weakness be obvious to such people because it will be used against you. People can use you when you are happy for instance to demand what you would not give out on a normal day. Be sensitive enough not to keep quiet for everything you are worth.


If you had moments when you wished you had spoken up, make sure when such re-occur, speak up so you won’t have to stay alive to regret it for the rest of your life. Moreover, if there are situations you can still amend, call attention of the parties involve for the peace to be restored.

OlaitanTaiwo is a graduate of Economics from the University of Ibadan. She is a Make-up Artist who loves  writing and currently an Editor for The Unity Magazine. She is an individual who believes in independence and advocates for girl child education. She is a creative lady who sees possibilities in difficulties. She is a listener focused on sharing her experiences to help young girls who are faced with life challenges. She is the brain behind the girlfriend’s club, a platform towards the outstanding performance of the girl child. She is also into the HIV/AIDS awareness and education.



Blessed man and woman Dr. MM  and Pastor RM

Blessed Children- Charisa and Myles Chairo Munroe

Blessing to the BFMI, MMI, Body of Christ, the world and to me

They were agents of change, Dr. MM use to say God lives in the Bahamas

He got married to his wife as a virgin at age 25 – both of them were

He was the sixth child out of eleven children

He started reading the Holy Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John at age 13

He wrote his vision on paper at age 14

He was the most famous teenager of his Country because of the Bible he memorize at age 17

There are five questions you must ask yourself Dr. Myles Munroe use to say

Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of doing? Where am I going?

He use to say get your Bible and your Note book and let’s go to work

He had a unique style of teaching and preaching the word

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Blessed Dr. Myles Munroe was a man of many parts

He was a public speaker, pastor, educator, business consultant, Global Adviser and author

He wrote over 57 bestselling Books

Author of the Spirit of Leadership who was a great leader and mentor to many

I met him for the first time April 18, 2010 in COZA at ICC Abuja two days before his birthday

The second time on Saturday December 11, 2012 in COZA at Metro Plaza Abuja

The third time on Sunday December 12, 2012 in COZA at Thisday Dome Abuja

The 4th and 5th time is 9 & 10 June 2014 in HarvestHouse Christian Center Ibadan

He sang that prayer song I give myself away, so you (God) can use me

Indeed, God used him to affect lives positively and he left a great legacy

He said you and I should maximize our potentials and die empty

He use to say success is predictable because life is designed for your success

He use to say God is committed to your success than you are

That God will do what he said he will do for you for His name sake

Dr. Myles Munroe had a great sense of humour with a special laughter

This Global personality Dr. M. Munroe said some things about life and purpose

When the purpose of a thing is not know abuse is inevitable

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose

He said nothing is worst in life than being alive and not knowing why

He said life has no meaning without purpose

Dr. Myles and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe lived a life of purpose


Kolawole Olaoluwa Longe is an intelligent, creative, outspoken, friendly, multi-talented. analytical, gifted, good looking, encouraging, poetic, purpose driven , result oriented Public Speaker who is graced by God to bring out the best in people. A cheerful person with an expressive personality created to make significant and lasting difference in the world.

A graduate of Educational Management/English from University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. A Career Facilitator, Relationship Instructor, A Poet, Song Writer and Composer and A Master of Ceremonies.
He is from the State of Osun, born in Kano State and lives in Abuja. He is known for Creativity.



Once upon a time, I was on an expedition in Nigeria from the South-East to the South-West. The old man in his early sixties with his pair of medicated glasses entered the vehicle and sat close to me. Three hours into the journey, I had the courage to start a conversation with him. This was the beginning of a talk I will always love to remember and relish.

It all started with a question as regards his destination. Alas! Guess what? He was going to the weirdest place of all.

David was heading to a renowned College of Education in the South West. “Are you a lecturer?” I inquired with a smiling face.
“No, I am a student. I am running a degree program in the College of education”, he answered with a face painted with decorous smiles. The unanticipated statement jolted me and made me curious.

And that was how he fed my ears with the song of his inspiring story.

His journey to get educated started in a market square in Umuahia when the former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu made all market squares in the State centres for adult education classes. David attended these classes for three years to gain informal education.




He sat for WASSSCE (West African Senior Secondary School Council Examination) the first time and had four credits. He tried WASSSCE for the second time and landed six credits. He combined the results and put in for JAMB exams. He had 180 on the dot which was the cut-off to enroll for NCE in a College of Education. He got 61 in the Post-UTME of the school and earned his admission. After completing his NCE, he decided to go for a degree program with his NCE certificate in the same institution. David travels ten hours from Umuahia to Ibadan to attend lectures and school in proper. He has a wife and two children who are already graduates. You begin to wonder why he embarked on such an expedition of this ilk.

During the conversation I had with him, he said, “I want to keep moving forward, I don’t like having a bus stop, I literally hate stagnancy. I have embarked on this journey to get educated so has to prove some critics wrong and put aright some wrong notions.”

This encounter with Mr. David got me thinking because he is not only in his early sixties but also VISUALLY IMPAIRED. He got visually handicapped at the age of 13.

“As a visually impaired person, it takes courage to move from one destination to another without a sighted guide” – David Okeugo

I met him in the bus without a sighted guide, we had a blind date and I wondered the amount of courage that moved him from Umuahia to Ibadan. This is a ritual that he has constantly and consistently engaged in for the past four years.

That day, I got more than inspired!



Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a budding poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems. He is a great thinker, creative and dexterous young man who does not only believe in excellence but also extols the tenets of discipline, hard work and effectiveness. You can follow him on IG and Twitter with the handle, @inisamosho






He got to the park, hoping he would be the last passenger just before the bus moves. Amidst shouts of different destinations by the popular ‘agberos’, he finally located the bus going his way. He likes to sit in front with the driver, but this time around, his space had been taken. Seated to his left was a plump woman with her two-year old son.
While waiting for the other passengers, an endless stream of able-bodied beggars invaded the little quietness he could afford in the old stuffy bus. They spoke different languages and recited what sounded like beggars’ sonnets which was irritating to his ears. He was tempted to advise them to go and look for jobs and it took a lot of willpower to ignore them. He couldn’t wait for the journey to begin and finally, the last passenger walked briskly into the bus.
The driver shut the doors and the passengers were left stranded in the heat while the driver and his cohorts argued about the sharing formula for the inflated transport fares they gathered from the passengers.
The road to redemption

The road to redemption

The passengers were already getting agitated and the bus felt like an oven, taking him back in time to the stuffy chemistry lecture theatre popular called ‘oven’ during his days as an undergraduate. At long last, it was time to move. He breathed a sigh of relief and was prepared to enjoy the journey only for the driver to join the queue at a gas station about five minutes drive from the park. The mother beside him decided to buy several pieces of boiled egg from a vendor at the station and that was when he knew he wouldn’t enjoy the journey as he hated the smell of boiled egg.

As they joined other travellers on the expressway, he started to enjoy the fresh air and thought maybe the journey could be endured after all, but the woman pleaded that the breeze was too much for her son and he had to shut the window almost completely.  As if that was not enough, she chose exactly that moment to bring out a loaf of bread from her bag to go with the eggs she bought.
Two hours into the journey, his clothes were stained with crumbs of bread and egg and the imprint of the child’s dirty and wet hands. The mother said ‘uncle e ma binu si omo yin o’ (meaning don’t be angry with me) and in an inappropriate  attempt to dust the crumbs off his laps, she made everything worse. He began to wonder when the boy became his child.
Finally, the driver announced that he was at the last bus stop for whoever wanted to drop at the camp. He felt like he had worn the lottery, for he was finally at his destination. And as he stared across the road at the Redemption camp, he thought the journey had been worthwhile after all

In the journey of life, secular or spiritual, the road might not be as sweet and smooth as expected. The beginning can be rough, the journey itself can be frustrating with distractions and inconveniences. But one thing is sure; at the end, there is a sigh of relief and the joy of arrival at the destination. Wishing you safe journey and glorious landing in life’s journey.


I am Oluwaseto Oguntuase. 
A Pharmacist by profession and a writer and lover of books at heart. I just love a good story. I am a bit reserved but easy to approach. I don’t have it all figured out, but who does anyway? My mantra is ‘what will be will be’ so I take life one step at a time. I love writing about real life experiences and hope to become an accomplished writer in the nearest future.



This is not supposed to be a lecture on how it evolved. In case you do not know, AIDS has come to stay but the fight is still on. Even if the cure is discovered, it is just a step towards eradicating it.

Why does this bother me so much?

I promise not to make it seem so bad even if it is.

So many organisations have records of supports to nations and have a great promise of sustainability. Check the news in the health sector; you would get the records of lives that have given up to this demon. So many destinies have been truncated, due to the menace the virus has caused.

Spread the message and not the virus!

Spread the message and not the virus!

I have heard laughter turned tears. Some say it’s a death warrant and to some they have found the courage to turn a new live.  To those affected, it is a blessing in disguise. Some chose to stay alive while they battle the pains of being on medication for as many years as possible.

Some have resigned to fate. You are either infected or affected.

While there are efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, individual attitudes towards living a healthy lifestyle is not encouraging.

We all have dreams no matter how insignificant or irrelevant they might be to our colleagues.

As applaud is enough to keep us going on our paths to greatness, so is this virus enough to take away hopes and dreams.

Let me remind you that it has no respect for your age neither who you are. When an individual has a reason to get to know his/her status, the fear of the outcome is enough to give heart attacks.

Many find it easier to ignore a problem and hope that it disappears rather than seek knowledge on how to live their dreams even if they live with the virus.

So if you ask me, I would say asking for help and getting tested many save not only your dreams but also your life and your generation to come. Let us give what is the liability the responsibility.

Silence and ignorance exacerbates the problem, let us face the truth!

About the Author

Olaitan Taiwo is a graduate of Economics from the University of Ibadan. She is a Make-up Artist who loves  writing and currently an Editor for The Unity Magazine. She is an individual who believes in independence and advocates for girl child education. She is a creative lady who sees possibilities in difficulties. She is a listener focused on sharing her experiences to help young girls who are faced with life challenges. She is the brain behind the girlfriend’s club, a platform towards the outstanding performance of the girl child. She is also into the HIV/AIDS awareness and education. 




I keep asking myself why most people find it difficult to celebrate with others when they succeed. I hope you are also not one of them.

When others achieve something worthwhile, it is encouraging to celebrate them and show them sincere love. Let them know you want them to succeed and that their success really mean a lot to you. By doing this, you are building in them a great confidence that will surely keep them moving. This will not make them relax or look back because they know there is someone interested in their success.

When people fail or have misfortune,  I observed that many people identify with them but the reverse is the case when people succeed. One of the reason is unnecessary jealousy. Let me give you an example,  quite a number of us know what is happening in the Nigerian movie industry, i mean the rift between the two Nollywood queens, Omotola Jolade and Genevieve Nnaji. They’ve forgotten that the atmosphere is large enough to occupy thousands of birds without touching each other.
Celebrating Others!

Celebrating Others!

I have made it a rule to always celebrate people and identify with them when they succeed, even when their success surpass my own. It is one of the fastest way to bring out the best in them. Playwright Oscar Wilde once said, “anybody can sympathize with the suffering of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend’s success.”

Believing in people is a risk worth talking. Even if someone succeed where u have failed, show them love and celebrate them. When people relate with us with skepticism, it reduce our efficiency.

With my little experience, I found out that most people find it difficult to celebrate the success of other people who do what they do. If you don’t have friends who dole out compliments to you even at things you don’t feel you are doing well, friends who gives you hundreds of reason why you cannot give up your dreams, then you may need some new friends.

Let’s celebrate ourselves, while we are still alive.

Yomi Olabisi
Yomi Olabisi is a young musician, writer and speaker. Born on October 4 1991 in Ogbomoso, Nigeria. He has a deep sense of commitment and responsibility for his people. A graduate of Civil Engineering from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), he has written numerous articles over the years, giving the youths some hope and direction. He is one of the talented young writers of our time – passing priceless messages to the world.

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