THE RULERS OF RULERS by ‘Kunle Adebajo

THE RULERS OF RULERS by ‘Kunle Adebajo

Many years ago, from the days of yore
We learnt fine tales from fair folklore

Of men who got bored of poultry-farming
And thus made for some thrilling enslaving

They ruled and ruined, they even became gods
Other lads’ sweats were their daily cuds

They lied, saying we are the electorate
When really we have no mandate to elect our fate

They said the people possess the sovereign power
Perhaps what they intended was suffering power
Source: Photo Credit: Mana Neyastani

Photo Credit: Mana Neyastani

They promised us seventh heaven on earth
Only to later appease with ‘life after death’

They oppressed, suppressed and often repressed
Buttons of tyranny they endlessly pressed

They got drunk from the calabash of power
And sunk into shame, high as the Eiffel tower

Seeing as few men molest his virgin land
The Good Lord blessed some men with ken and pen

These arose to battle, they arose to fight
With the pen, they placed next to the tunnel some light

With words, they fed the hungry
And with words, they freed the sundry

They are the tapes of reason, the rulers of rulers
They are the keen ‘Benjamins’ and incubi of ‘Squealers’

They are the daring vanguards of journalism
Wielding placards against the dons of Nazism

Their pens have again lined the clouds with silver
Their quills have caused ‘the gods’ to quit and quiver

‘Kunle Adebajo is a potential colossus at law, honing his skills at the shores of Nigeria’s premier university, University of Ibadan. Sadly the waves of poetry, oratory, writing and generally not minding his business have diverted his attention from the Isle to the endless majesty of the sea. In his trance, he has discovered that there are a thousand roads which lead to the doorstep of justice. He however hopes to retrace his footsteps to the law books soon enough. When he is not writing or preparing for a speech, he fantasises about life as a married man.
THE YIN YANG by Kunle Adebajo

THE YIN YANG by Kunle Adebajo


White is wise and wonderful

Red cannot be compared

Black is bold and beautiful

For Yellow, a lot have yearned

Short is sure not the same as shallow

And tall does not make one above faults

Fat is merely full of fair overflow

And slim is simply sleek by default

Yin Yang!

Yin Yang!

They who are mighty and huge

Have none but the weak to thank

As there can be no light or good

If dark and evil ain’t there to contend

Whether up North or way down

Friend, do not ever fret or frown

Life is not a pillow of flowing feathers

Rather a window it is to many weathers

Sometimes it hurls the yin

Other times we get a yang

This all makes for a glorious win

If we embrace every bit, fin or fang





Kunle Adebajo is a penultimate student of law at the University of Ibadan. He is a campus journalist and budding public speaker. He is an incurable lover of wits, words and whatsoever shape these two concepts manifest it. He is also the progenitor of Essays NG and the Intellectualise Nigeria Movement.



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