Baba Risi has gone
to the market
to bargain for goods
not foods
nor clothings
Baba Risi has gone
to the market
to buy feud
and apathy,


Baba Risi pocket is filled
and leaking
with gold
he has gone to the market
to acquire trouble


The elders says
when you seek trouble
and it refuse you
seek another wife
Baba Risi has gone
to the house of Ogunmoyero
to seek for Aduke’s hand
in conjugal
He has given unto them
wine and kolanut


Beautiful trouble

Beautiful trouble

Baba Risi has built
another hut in his courtyard
in preparation of Aduke’s arrival
The huts in Baba Risi’s courtyard
Is now four
Baba Risi has acquire
with his money,
beautiful trouble.




About the Author

Odebode Karimot is an undergraduate of Law in the prestigious Obafemi
Awolowo University,ile-ife.A passionate poet who derive internal peace
in conversing with her muse.She is the second of four children born
and bred in the ancient city of Ibadan,Nigeria.She believe the world
can be driven in the right direction with her pen.



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