Beauty of Solitude

Was it not yesterday
That I came into this world
Innocent and inspired
Filled with expectations
Of a beautiful world
Visible in my dreams
Was it not yesterday
That I discovered I am unique
Talented and blessed
A leader of tomorrow
To leave the world a better place
And secure myself a place in heaven

Was it not yesterday
That I ran mad
Stricken and nauseated
By mediocres and pretenders
Destroying my homeland
And frustrating all good efforts

Was it not yesterday
That I found myself in this rat race
Shocked and dumbfounded
By the selfishness of human nature
If every man is to live for himself
What then differentiates us from animals?

Was it not yesterday
That I spoke to my friends
Youthful and strengthened
Of the beauty of honesty and diligence
How I sounded like a fool!
An object of derision and laughter

Was it not yesterday
That I sat down to ponder
Hopeful and hopeless
Clueless of today
Afraid of tomorrow
In the beauty of solitude…
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Chuks Obi is a law student at the University of Ibadan. He writes poems that bring to light various issues affecting Africa with the aim of drawing public attention to them, thus, making the world a better place.



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