Deji saw more than 40 posters on the 27th of November 2014, they were all people campaigning for the Gubernatorial position in Ibadan Oyo State.


There was Lawal Oshutogun and Deji thought he was rather rascal looking. Even though the Barrister was a Lecturer of Law at the University of Illorin. There was Badmus Bamgbose, he looked deceitful “I mean all that smile” Deji thought to himself.

There was Abiodun Seyi. This particular man made him laugh. He still remembered the Facebook update he saw about Seyi. Someone furious with him went ahead to say

“You must be an armed robber if you are considering voting for Abiodun Seyi, are there no responsible people in the whole of Oyo State? I can’t imagine people going back to the era of body bleaching creams, leg chains (on a man’s leg) and a rascal who spends his father’s loots at CocoDome”.

Deji couldn’t stop laughing after he read the post.

He never thought much about the posters or those coming out for the Gubernatorial post until he saw the poster of Ayolola Ayobami. He pasued. Screamed 40 times in his mind and cleaned his eyes to be sure it was Ayolola Ayobami. He vowed there and then that Ayolola will not win. He prayed, sang and clapped in a space of 60seconds.


Deji had a class, he was a PhD holder hence he was called Dr. Deji. Since the class was soon he made a mental note to tell his students about Ayolola. And so after he was done teaching them a topic in ENTREPRENEURSHIP – although he was a lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, he began to narrate.

The campaign

The campaign

“This Ibadan people are already getting ready for 2015. I sure most of us are past the age of 18 so let’s vote well o.. Hmmmm. You see back in the 80’s I was a student at the University of Ife and being someone who loves transparency I decided to join the Students Council and as God will have it I was appointed Financial Secretary. During the 84/85 session we had to make a financial report and I noticed that #40,000 was missing. I asked the President and the General secretary what happened to the 40,000 missing in action and they said for me to keep quiet and forget about as they have used it for personal refreshment. Knowing what that meant I decide to bring it up in the councils General Meeting. But before I could bring it up I was suspended for Unruly behaviour and subordination. So you see my children if those kind of people should be in authority today what change are you going to see?”


The President was Ayolola Ayobami and so after the class. Deji called Ayo, he got the number through a mutual friend and told him “Ayo, it’s Deji I’m sure you will be surprised but I just wanted to let you know one thing : YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN!”


About the Author of THE CAMPAIGNERS

I’m Onwukwe Chimdinma Adriel. A 400 level Law student of the Prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. I love writing. You can see some of her works here: and subscribe to her channel; BBM Channel : C0016FD7F



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