The forbidden fruit: Premarital Sex

Sweet at its first taste,
Sweeter at its second taste,
Sweet when the party is still willing,
Sour when the result surfaces.

Dressed in fine apparel cloth,
Portrayed to be as strong as an oak,
As beautifully elegant as it looks or seen,
Everlasting enjoyment is just but a dream,

Its bitterness surface at its result,
And the seeming love is soon replaced by hurts,
Soon afterwards it is realised,
That all along it was just a Greek gift of greed.

Forbidden fruit

Forbidden fruit

Its seed looks as tiny as an ant,
But its fruit springs up as a giant,
When the fruit begins to surface,
It becomes an endless harvest of ill- fate.

Yes it is,
Yet it has the highest bidder,
The sweetness of the seductress cannot be ignored.
But who says the fruit can be adored.

The forbidden fruit is better left,
Only to be eaten when the time is best,
For when man tries to get near,
Nearer and nearer is the drawn.


About the Author
Kayode Folayemi is a graduate of the University of Ibadan and was a pressman all through his stay at the University.



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