The Golden Bells ring,
The beautiful birds sing,
The future smiles on an Eagle’s wing,
Ready to coronate a King,


Long before the prince learnt a rhyme,
Sages told him the worth of time,
If valued brings more than a dime,
Never to live a life like a pantomime,


Time fades away like a lightning,
Time flies without resting,
Time moves without complaining,
Time presents the cake of the future with an icing,


Ashes of past glories blown by the wind,
Beams of dreams flood the mind,
Sheaves of knowledge gather in a bind,
Rays of vision so hard to find,

Look into the future

Look into the future


Plans to nurture,
Pieces of inspiration forming a big picture,
Building a strong foundation so sure,
Knitting a fabric of integrity so pure,


Remove the garment of mediocrity,
Chase the FUTURE with alacrity,
Gird your loin with the belt of chastity,
Until the FUTURE becomes a reality,


THE FUTURE is not in the distant lands of the immortals,
The FUTURE is for those who will prepare for it,
The FUTURE is here,


Here comes the FUTURE,
With decorous smiles to allure,
With edifying words to cure,
With fangs of pruning to endure,


Here comes the FUTURE,
With a mandate to fulfill every day,
With a goal to achieve every minute,
With a blessing to share every second,


Anxiety beckons,
The cloud of uncertainty gathers,
The rain of nemesis rumbles,

future 2

The Future is here


For the prepared,
For the hardworking planters of destiny,
For the focused prince fit to be called a KING,


With a crown to coronate kings,
A seal of excellence with a signet ring,
A ticket to ride on an Eagle’s wing,


P.S.: This work was inspired by two great quotes which are: “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” – Former Pope Of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul I & “We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.” – American Engineer, R. Buckminster Fuller.

Prepare for your FUTURE NOW

© 2015 by Osho Samuel Adetunji 


About the Author of THE FUTURE

Osho Samuel Adetunji is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan. He is a poet, a blogger, a Public Speaker, an on air personality with a knack for short stories, inspirational articles and poems. He is a writer per excellence with articles published on VAVANE AFRICA, THE SCOOPNG, KONNECT AFRICA, Paarapo and Home zone media. He co-founded THE COURTROOM in 2012 with Tijani Mayowa. He is the founder of KREATIVE DIADEM, a new initiative which kicked off on March 1, 2015.
He is an inspirational young man who is addicted to going an extra mile in all facets of life. He is also a lover of football, tennis and boxing. You can follow him on Twitter with the handle: @inisamosho.




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