Just but a figment of the sun’s strength
The only one we can confidently behold
Rebirthing and displaying for us each month
We await eagerly the peak when you are so bold

Sometimes, when you are sickle shaped,
I get to see that boy from the fables
Posing with his legendary stick and legs misshaped
Tis but a combination of imagination and old wives tales.

The moon

The moon

I love how you grace my way on clear nights
Streaking silvery slivers on sparkling asbestos
But still, the sun be your source of might
You re only but an inverter, a very compliant apparatus

I wish you could but break forth
Suddenly become self sufficient
But unlike the sun, rise from the north
In your way, you still are beautiful and quite resplendent


What happens when Philosophy meets with very vivid imagination?
Emmanuel Ibekwe is ‘who’ happens. I am a graduate of the University of
Ibadan, but, still a student of the School of Imagination situated
inside my world, I love penning down abstract thoughts poetically or
if need be, in an article. I guess that’s what happens when Philosophy
meets with Creativity and the willingness to express it.



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