Sam is at his window. The house is emptier than ever. He just came back from a conference on new methods of brain surgery. As usual he played a compilation of old french love songs; those songs from the 60’s have a cooling effect on his nerves and a refreshing one on his memories. Marcia… And always that name… Passing by slowly and silently like a smooth wind from the silent sea at dusk, touching and embracing his whole body. The young doctor brings up the glass of iced scotch to his lips but he doesn’t drink. He closes his eyes.

The door bell rings. He crosses the parlour where all his distinctions are proudly telling his numerous achievements. Sam has always come first and the world has always rewarded him in various domains. The bell rings a second time, but he is already opening the door. A beautiful black lady is standing in front of him with a kind of smile which opens up flowers at night. She is a perfect stranger with a familiar face. The very truth is that, Sam has never seen her before. But Sam seems to know her. And she seems to know him.

– Marcia.

– Sam.

And they stare at each other like two tigers on the verge of the final assault. The passion in their eyes is enough to express their burning desire. Marcia’s lips are half closed, thus capturing Sam’s eyes. A lady living near passes and greats Sam with a slice of jealousy in the eyes, but he doesn’t respond. He can’t even hear her. She doesn’t insist and goes her way desperately. They’re still at the doorstep getting closer. There are distances between the two pairs of lips as the flight to one another looks a whole trip. A tumultuous and breathtaking travel which keeps all the passengers waiting for something special. Something unique in a genre just like the h-hour of a party. And the lips touch, and the lips merge, and the lips melt making both bodies float like a flake of snow on a silent starry summer night. The French songs keep playing from a distance and both Sam and Marcia are now dancing like flowers in the parlour. They kiss passionately and hold each other as if their lives would end the next coming second.

– Marcia.

– Sam.

– You are so beautiful. I…

– No. Please don’t say it. You would hurt me.

– Marcia.

– Oh Sam. I…

– Please. Don’t. Please. Not now.

They whisper their names and they kiss at the same time. The blue skies are gradually upgrading to deeper blue, getting the chanting birds going home.

But to Sam and Marcia, that means less than nothing. Their kisses have taken them where time and tide can wait for them and for eternities.

Last Delivery

Last Delivery

The doorbell rings again and they don’t hear. It rings for the second time.

– Marcia.

– Sam.

The lady goes to the kitchen to get something to drink whilst Sam goes to the door. He has his glass of iced scotch in his hand. The whisky and the ice cube have become one. He puts it on the table and opens the door. It is the girl who works for the usual delivery company. She has another package for him. «You smile like an angel…» he told her the first time she came to deliver a parcel. And that smile has never changed.

– Good afternoon Mr Sam.

– Good afternoon Marcia.

Sam saw her name the first time she came; that was when he signed the delivery voucher.

– What do we have today?

– We will discover later Sir.

– You can call me Sam.

– Yes Sir… Sorry. Sam.

– Can I ask you a favour?

– I don’t know… Sam… I have to rush now…

– Marcia. I had a chat with Clandy last night over the phone.

Marcia turns her back and rushes out.

– Marcia! Sam tries to hold her back, but she escapes and leaves.

Clandy is Marcia’s best friend and her direct boss at the delivery company. Marcia tells her any little thing she has in mind. Clandy used to be the one to do the deliveries. She loves Sam but never succeeded making him love her in return. Tired of waiting for Sam to take the first step, she asked for her friend to take that area for deliveries. Sam and Marcia fell in love at first sight. Clandy revealed him that Marcia was in love too.


It is   around 9pm when the bell rings. Usually a very harassing neighbour known as Lolikat comes at that time, with a funny reason just to spend some time with the very polite man. He doesn’t answer. The bell rings several times again. He finally decides to go open and speak his mind. Sam opens the door with authority. But it is not the boring Lolikat. It’s an unexpected pleasant surprise.

– Marcia…

– Sam…

This time it is not a dream. It is not an afternoon wandering. Marcia is standing there at the door. The French songs are playing, the glass of scotch is on the table, and they are both naturally and passionately kissing and whispering tender promises.


Short Story by Author Ray NDEBI.


The Author of Last Delivery

My name is Théodore René Ndebi, born in Cameroon. I graduated in Banking Management. But what really makes me proud and happy is WRITING !!!!! I started writing around 1990. I write the most I can.

I mostly write for children’s future. As a child, I had always dreamt of a world where poor children and orphans could be happy as well. I have many unpublished collections in French: Chaque Jour Un Poème, Rêve D’un Soir, La Missive Du Petit Prince, Suis-Je Assez Bien Pour Toi… I’m also author of unpublished novels in French (Cierge Noir, Plus Violent Que L’amour, Les Fruits De La Tempête…). My first published novel; THE LAST GHOST/Son Of Struggle got published in 2013 by AuthorhouseUK; it appears in the LOS Angeles Times Festival Of Books Catalogue 2014 Page 8. Available online @ Amazon, Kindle, AuthorhouseUK, Barnes & Noble, Indie. I wrote numerous award winning texts. I am a Book Reviewer and Translator. I am a member of OneAfricanChild since 2013 and Co-Founder of Le Salon Du Livre Yaounde-Cameroon. You can check my works on: Ndebi on Facebook, @RTNdebi on Twitter, Facebook Page My Soul & Mon Ame.




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