Time’s moving fast
Behind me is my past
Don’t know what deed will be my last

Can I live without God?
What’s my life without my Lord?
Lord before you break my life’s cord
Make my deeds follow your word

My life is far from pure
Dear Lord I need a cure
Everyday I see the devil’s lure
My epithet – a spiritual amateur

Brain - the wheel of thoughts! Source: Internet images.

Brain – the wheel of thoughts! Source: Internet images.


Lost is my glory
So sad is my story
When I’m gone what shall be my memory
How shall the world write my history

I was born to die
And I know I only laugh to cry
But when in my grave I lie
To eat me will the ants be shy?

What shall be my lot?
Joy or hurt?
Lord when I’m in your Court
Do not judge me like the people of Lot





Durodola Folarin Quadri. Born on the first of January 1991. I attended the university of Ibadan as a student of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. Editor-in-Chief of the departmental press organisation. I like books and one of the best I ever read was Living, Loving and Learning by Professor Felice Leonardo Buscaglia. I enjoy sports and computer games. Poetry gives me succour when I write about how I feel. Most times I write based on real situations because they inspire me more than imagination. I’m quiet and sometimes I’m being labelled as shy, while some simply say I’m an introvert.



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