Xenophobia – where lies Madiba?

The air exhaled from the South
Lies tints of red
Ashes are no strangers
Visiting them in soots of black veins

Rage has escaped its cage
Snarling and benighting
A place we once called home
Puncturing the tranquil landmarks
Moulded with drops of sweat in Madiba

Say NO to Xenophobia!

Say NO to Xenophobia!

The South has tasted blood
From a common tributary
The mask has fallen off
From their faces and now
The vampires have risen

They deliver rubble to the streets
Chanting like brains
Loosed from their fetters
Where lies Madiba’s carcass?

Like vultures
They roam above the roofs
Where blood is thick and black
Where lies Madiba?




‎Awa Chigozie is a Nigerian. A student and resident of Abia State in Nigeria. He is a prolific writer whose keen interest is in poetry and fictional works. He has poems which have been published in  anthologies and other media. He describes his works as a mirror to man’s act. Presently working towards releasing his first poetry collection.




Coming up on May 1 in University of Ibadan

Coming up on May 1 in University of Ibadan





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