Blessed man and woman Dr. MM  and Pastor RM

Blessed Children- Charisa and Myles Chairo Munroe

Blessing to the BFMI, MMI, Body of Christ, the world and to me

They were agents of change, Dr. MM use to say God lives in the Bahamas

He got married to his wife as a virgin at age 25 – both of them were

He was the sixth child out of eleven children

He started reading the Holy Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John at age 13

He wrote his vision on paper at age 14

He was the most famous teenager of his Country because of the Bible he memorize at age 17

There are five questions you must ask yourself Dr. Myles Munroe use to say

Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I here? What am I capable of doing? Where am I going?

He use to say get your Bible and your Note book and let’s go to work

He had a unique style of teaching and preaching the word

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe

Blessed Dr. Myles Munroe was a man of many parts

He was a public speaker, pastor, educator, business consultant, Global Adviser and author

He wrote over 57 bestselling Books

Author of the Spirit of Leadership who was a great leader and mentor to many

I met him for the first time April 18, 2010 in COZA at ICC Abuja two days before his birthday

The second time on Saturday December 11, 2012 in COZA at Metro Plaza Abuja

The third time on Sunday December 12, 2012 in COZA at Thisday Dome Abuja

The 4th and 5th time is 9 & 10 June 2014 in HarvestHouse Christian Center Ibadan

He sang that prayer song I give myself away, so you (God) can use me

Indeed, God used him to affect lives positively and he left a great legacy

He said you and I should maximize our potentials and die empty

He use to say success is predictable because life is designed for your success

He use to say God is committed to your success than you are

That God will do what he said he will do for you for His name sake

Dr. Myles Munroe had a great sense of humour with a special laughter

This Global personality Dr. M. Munroe said some things about life and purpose

When the purpose of a thing is not know abuse is inevitable

The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose

He said nothing is worst in life than being alive and not knowing why

He said life has no meaning without purpose

Dr. Myles and his wife Pastor Ruth Munroe lived a life of purpose


Kolawole Olaoluwa Longe is an intelligent, creative, outspoken, friendly, multi-talented. analytical, gifted, good looking, encouraging, poetic, purpose driven , result oriented Public Speaker who is graced by God to bring out the best in people. A cheerful person with an expressive personality created to make significant and lasting difference in the world.

A graduate of Educational Management/English from University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. A Career Facilitator, Relationship Instructor, A Poet, Song Writer and Composer and A Master of Ceremonies.
He is from the State of Osun, born in Kano State and lives in Abuja. He is known for Creativity.



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