In the morning, the waves are friendly,

the pulse from the breathe of mother Nigeria is embracing,

with the welcoming harp of our beautiful anthem,

of the morning shines with pure patriots,

have you not gone to sleep? my dear Nation!

A bump into our persons with diversity,

the black skinned, the fair skinned,

the religious, the atheist, the rich, the poor,

tangled in one nation,

a nation with differing scene.

Happy Independence Day to Nigeria! Source:


My dear Nation typified by exploit,

are there no wealth for the common?

the rich eat the fat meats,

and the poor live on skinny bones,

have you not gone to sleep? my dear Nation!

My dear Nation of populace living for few,

and your West is every man’s land of comfort

the North, an alien to the South

and the South a no-land for the outsiders.

why are your children with prejudice?

My dear nation, the giant of Africa

why is your economy crashing so deep into the sea?

will your existence be of no impact than suffering?

where are your resources? where are your innovation?

have you not gone to sleep? my dear Nation!

Nigeria is a great Nation? or Nigeria was a great Nation?

When will we have our NIGERIA?

It has been a very long time since our country gained independence. We are old by number ‘together’ but have not seen our self as ONE INDEPENDENT NIGERIA.

Concept of Biafra, BokoHaram, MEND, Corruption and the likes are locust eating deep into our Nation.
A.A. Aremu is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, where he studied Accounting. He is in constant search of knowledge and loves the pen.



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